FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH with Blake Melnick

It Really is All About YOU - Part 2 with guest Ayelet Baron

May 13, 2021 Blake Melnick Season 2 Episode 17
FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH with Blake Melnick
It Really is All About YOU - Part 2 with guest Ayelet Baron
FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH with Blake Melnick
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Show Notes

Welcome to this week’s episode of #ForWhatitsWorth. I’m your host Blake Melnick. This is the Part 2 of #ItReallyisAllAboutYou", my interview with Ayelet Baron, renown Futurist, and award winning author of the Fuck the bucket List Trilogy.

In the last episode, Ayelet and I discussed the her soon to be published 3rd book of the trilogy, Fuck the Bucket List for the Health Conscious.

Our conversation focused on Ayelt’s Journey of discovery from a corporate executive with one of the world’s biggest technology firms to becoming a digital nomad and guide, helping people around the world recognize their power in order to become conscious leaders,  creators and agents of purposeful and meaningful change.

In this episode (Part 2) we discuss the concept of flow, the challenge of change, the wisdom of Jerry Garcia and we explore some of the societal structures which prevent us from realizing both our heartfelt desires and our potential to be creators and innovators and lead a healthy and meaningful life - The desire for recognition,  the education system and the inherited values and beliefs of others.


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The Music for Today's Show, "We're Only Human" is written and performed by Oliver McQuaid. Click HERE to listen to Oliver's interview called  "Campfire Jesus" with Co-host Ben Hunter and visit the show BLOG to see the pics

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