FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH with Blake Melnick

Trailer - Season 3

November 18, 2021 Blake Melnick Season 3
FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH with Blake Melnick
Trailer - Season 3
FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH with Blake Melnick
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Welcome to Season 3 of #ForWhatit'sWorthwithBlakeMelnick and #TheSpaceInbetween. We have an incredible season in store for you!.  Guests for this season include, #BlairPackham, #LindaKash, #DavidEdey, #DanMangan, #DouglasCameron, #KenKlonsky, #TomCarey, #SueSiri,  and more. Check out the trailer for the skinny ....For What it's Worth

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Trailer - Season 3

[00:00:00] Blake Melnick: We're back. Welcome to season three, of for what it's worth in the space in between. I'm your host Blake Melnick and we have a fantastic season in store for you. After our rather long hiatus, where we took some time to spend with family to relax and enjoy the great outdoors to escape from the yoke of technology a bit and reflect on ideas for season three, and then reach out to a host of great new guests.

[00:00:27] We're going to kick off this season by revisiting our very first podcast, the many faces of innovation with guest Dr. Tom Carey. When we launched the podcast with this episode, back in June, 2020, it was to put it mildly pretty ugly. We had no experience with the podcast medium. We were unfamiliar with the technology; we had limited editing experience and managing the process from a distance was a challenge. We wanted to do justice to our interview with Tom by re cutting and [00:01:00] re-releasing this episode and using it to launch our new innovation series, aptly called The Many Faces of Innovation. This early episode will be followed up with a second part where Tom and I will reflect on the many ideas we raised back then, the predictions we made and see where things stand now.

[00:01:21] This series is designed to make innovation more understandable and accessible. We have lined up a host of innovators from across multiple fields of endeavor to share their innovations, their motivations, and their success stories.

[00:01:35] We'll be launching another new series called in the company of readers and writers. Stories are acquired wisdom. They are the expression of ideas and through them we can envision change. They are one of the best means for transferring knowledge from one generation to another. This series will highlight the work of new emerging writers and readers and in some cases their stories will be [00:02:00] dramatized by well-known Canadian radio, television, and film personalities. Our first episode will feature an episodic story by Canadian singer songwriter, Douglas Cameron called The Old Guitar. And for those of you that are familiar with the legend of the great Robert Johnson and his ill fated meeting with the devil at the crossroads will love this multi-part episode.

[00:02:24] Our Pass the Jam series, will be back again and we'll kick it off with the playlist from Blair Packham's recent record, Song Food. Following this episode, Blair will be joining me as a co-host to interview the next artist in residence. The extraordinary virtuoso Heather Gemmell. We'll discuss Heather's career, her influences and her new up and coming record.

[00:02:47] And of course, you'll be the first to hear tracks from this new record.

[00:02:51] We had a lot of requests in the past two seasons to do an episode on Estates and Estateplanning. The greatest intergenerational transfer of [00:03:00] wealth in Canada's history is set to take place over the next few decades. Approximately 1 trillion in personal wealth will be transferred from one generation to the next in Canada by 2026. This shift represents the largest transfer of wealth in our history. Parents may be concerned about disclosing the full details of their wealth or their estate while the children are young, in case it prevents them from finding their own way in the world. They may also worry. It could provide more opportunity for ill influenced actions. Regardless of the age of the children discussing wealth and what will happen in the event of a parent's death can be uncomfortable.

[00:03:40] But as difficult as it may be, planning needs to happen before a wealth transfer or inheritance occurs as this can help improve the likelihood of a successful outcome, both bequeathers and beneficiaries need to be ready. David Edey is a certified executor advisor and author of Executor Help How to [00:04:00] Settle an Estate, Pick an Executor and Avoid Family Fights.

[00:04:04] David is not just an expert. He is held what he describes as the worst job in the world. Having spent 50,000 in legal fees, seven years and 10 court appearances to settle his parents' estate. And they had a will. David will be joining me to discuss approaches and strategies to help you successfully navigate the difficult tasks of estate planning and executorship so that your families can stay together rather than fall apart.

[00:04:32] Make sure you tune in for surviving the worst job in the world. And to make the episode more interactive and ensure that we address your specific concerns, we'll be using our show Facebook page to solicit questions from you, our listeners in advance of this episode. So make sure you check it out and post your questions there.

[00:04:52] In the area of entertainment, we have reached out to Dan Mangan to come on the show, to discuss his new venture Side [00:05:00] Door, a dedicated organization of artists and technologists, committed to building a more efficient, fair and decentralized ecosystem for the performing arts. We hope Dan will also discuss his new documentary film, All Together Now

[00:05:16] so we'll keep you posted on that. Please check out our show Facebook page for more information. 

[00:05:23] We are really excited to have our old friend Canadian actress, Linda Kash as a guest on the show. The much beloved original Philadelphia cream cheese angel, who has appeared in an extraordinary number of hit films, television series and live theater productions has by all accounts led a charmed life and career, but there is more to her story. Please make sure you tune in for Touched by an Angel.

[00:05:49] We are working on a new, true crime series. Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as [00:06:00] those who are. And in any case where ignorance is allied with power, it becomes the most ferocious enemy justice can have. (James Baldwin) Ken Klonsky author and Director of Innocence international has dedicated his career to helping the wrongfully convicted.

[00:06:16] Ken will return as a guest on the show and as a narrator for our new crime series called The Truth Seekers. The series will focus on the Burns Rafay murder case, which took place in 1993 in Bellevue, Washington. Burns and Rafay were convicted of the crime of murder largely based upon circumstantial evidence and a forced confession exacted by the RCMP using an ethically questionable sting tactic called Mr. Big, join us in our search for the truth in The Truth Seekers. 

[00:06:50] To our current listeners welcome back and thanks for hanging in and for those new to the show. Welcome [00:07:00] and thank you for subscribing, please connect and follow us on our show. Blog at our show Facebook page for what it's worth: the podcast series and through our Instagram, at forwhatitsworth.Podcast. We have even more exciting news in store for you for next season.

[00:07:19] So stay tuned. There really is something happening here... for what it's worth. .