FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH with Blake Melnick

Long Haired Country Girl Part 1 - Pass the Jam Series

December 30, 2021 Blake Melnick Season 3 Episode 5
FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH with Blake Melnick
Long Haired Country Girl Part 1 - Pass the Jam Series
FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH with Blake Melnick
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Well, welcome to this week's two-part episode of #ForWhatit'sWorthwithBlakeMelnick called  #LongHairedCountryGirl . This episode is the next installment in our #PasttheJam music series, where our current artist in residence #BlairPackham a will join me to help pass the jam to an amazing new artist.

Rooted in the heart of the Kootenay Rockies. She draws her inspiration from the wild and rugged landscape that she calls home from the river she wades in and from the small town working life that. With our use of traditional instruments, kinetic foot percussion, old time lyrics. She puts herself into the category of roots and blues with just a hint of old time and bluegrass.

She has recently incorporated playing electric lap steel into her live shows where she fuses her love of blues and bluegrass together into a rock and roll one woman. With the help of an upgraded boss loop station and Octavia pedal, and a pair of hand crafted butter box. Cahones set up as a kick and snare drum.

She can recreate a sound that could only be accomplished before with a three-piece band using distorted slide, guitar and foot drums to cover bands like led Zepplin, Joe Walls, CCR,  Muddy Waters, and Jimmy Hendrix. She has taken her solo shows to a whole new. She has played alongside some of the best musicians in the east and west Kootenays, and over the years has developed a multi instrument, musical diversity, which she brings to every musical project and performance.

She has developed a style that is truly unique and a reflection of who she is. From delicate stories of love and loss, to tongue and cheek murder ballads, to rock and roll covers that get the crowds out of their chairs dancing. She writes from the heart, resulting in a degree of authenticity, seldom seen in a live performer. Check it out ... For what it's worth

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The Music for Today's Show, "Black Queen"” is written and performed by #HeatherGemmell.

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The Black Queen
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END OF PART 1 of Just Long Haired Country Girl